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*Office hours will be limited during our closing.



Gifts & Grounds  Closed


Historic Cave Tours ~  Closed

**We are sorry to have to cancel the next and final Swing Dancing events. We wish all of our dancers health and happiness ~ and SWING ON!


**All remaining Saint Paul Gangster Tours (2 hour show-on-wheels revealing St. Paul when it wasn't so saintly!) have been Canceled. That's all folks!! 




U.S.A. Today has named us "1 of 10 Great Places to Discover These Cities Secrets".  We are honored!!  Check it out at http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/10greatplaces/2013/04/11/10-great-places-to-discover-these-cities-secrets/2075797/    

Reminder:  We do not promote with Groupon!!  We keep our costs low ALL of the time!!  Don't be Duped ~ Get the REAL DEAL.  We are the original "Saint Paul Gangster Tour".



215 Wabasha Street South

440 56'  09 N  by  93o 05' 11 W