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The noon Gangster Tours this weekend are full, but we have added a 9:30 am Gangster Tour on Saturday and a 12:00 noon Cave Tour on Saturday!  Get your reservations in early!  651-292-1220.

Be sure to allow for extra time with area construction and events planned for the weekends!  Summer gets busy!

We have tours for this weekend, so make your reservations early!! Historic Cave Tours ~Monday @ 4 pm, Thursday @ 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 11 am ($8.00 cash) and our Saint Paul Gangster Tours ~ Saturdays & Sundays @ 12 noon ($27.00 with reservations).  We make history fun, so we hope to see you soon!

Have your wedding reception in the Wabasha Street Caves, a romantic underground setting that can hold up to 200 for a sit down dinner.  We are booking up through October of 2017 now (16 months out)!!  Click "Events" button to the left and call 651-224-1191


U.S.A. Today has named us "1 of 10 Great Places to Discover These Cities Secrets".  We are honored!!  Check it out at http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/10greatplaces/2013/04/11/10-great-places-to-discover-these-cities-secrets/2075797/    


Reminder:  We do not promote with Groupon!!  We keep our costs low ALL of the time!!  Don't be Duped ~ Get the REAL DEAL.  We are the original "Saint Paul Gangster Tour".




215 Wabasha Street South

440 56'  09 N  by  93o 05' 11 W